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Favorite Find Monday – A Vintage Bedroom Set

I just lucked into this little vintage bedroom set.  It is a great size and very sturdy.  Dovetailed drawers, wheels on the feet, clean lines…

Well, they would have been clean if someone hadn’t decided to try their hand at painting them.  It is always so much harder fixing another person’s work than it is starting from scratch.  Sigh! more here!

Before and After!


I was scrolling through my pictures today and came across some phone pics of pieces that I have done over the years.  Here is a fun before and after post.  Amazing what paint can do!

[twentytwenty][/twentytwenty] more here!

The Annie Sloan Old Violet Desk and a Happy Ending

I am so happy!  The lovely vintage desk refinished in Annie Sloan Old Violet chalk paint has found a new home. I helped load it into the customer’s SUV yesterday.  I watched it slowly drive away and disappear into the snowy streets towards Virginia (yes, that was meant to sound sappy)!

This piece started as a true throwaway.And now has become a beautiful vintage addition to a modern home.  It is going into a newly created home office where it will once again become a working desk and look beautiful.I worked so hard refinishing the rope trim and the top.  She is having a piece of glass fitted for it.  Perfect! more here!

Yet Another Desk and a Before and After

My post is late getting out today as I spent the afternoon at Sophie’s school for their Halloween parade.  The children were so sweet in their costumes!  I’m just getting around to posting the pictures of my latest before and after.  Can you all take yet another desk?

This one was my neighbor’s childhood desk and chair.  They were both painted a bright blue for him when he was a little boy and now are going into his daughter’s room.  Hence, the change up! [twentytwenty][/twentytwenty] more here!

A Vintage Rope Trimmed Desk Gets a Makeover

One of my favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors is Old Violet.  It is a gorgeous, blue/violet/gray that changes in the light.  I thought it would be a good choice for my vintage desk that I purchased a few weeks ago.

The desk is super old and was in bad shape.  It was covered in dirt and spider nests (lovely), two drawers were stuck shut and the legs were coming off.  As I was re-attaching the feet, I saw how they have small pegs that fit into holes on the bottom of the desk and no nails or screws were used.  This piece is old! more here!

My “New” Sitting Room

We have a small room off our master bedroom that is called a “sitting room”.  I really don’t do much sitting in it and it was becoming the catchall room in the house for all the random items a family can accrue.  It also was becoming filled with laundry baskets.

I decided to change it up and clean it out to create a small office space for myself.  Using only items I already owned around the house, the kids and I worked on it yesterday afternoon.  I must say – I am so pleased with the result.Recognize the desk?  I actually have another desk that I am about to work on to sell.  This will offset the cost of my keeping this one (yes, yet another “keeper”!). more here!

A Vintage Desk – It Takes a Village!

Sometimes, it takes a village to restore a piece that is in desperate shape!  This one took General Finishes Milk Paint, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and Rust-Oleum Clear Gloss sealant…whew.

From last week’s Favorite Find Monday, here is the before…

Before we get to the “after” shots, a quick apology…these will not win any photography contest!  The desk weighs literally two tons and is going to Luckett’s next week.  Forgive my lack of enthusiasm for heaving it indoors and out again. more here!

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