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Paint Color Highlight – Annie Sloan Chateau Grey

Annie Sloan Chateau Grey is a very interesting color.  It has a greenish hue and pairs really well with dark, rich wood.  I have used it a few times and surprisingly, I just realized that both projects have a “diamond” theme!

First up is the Diamond in the Rough table.  This piece was found in terrible condition with holes drilled through its top.  It wasn’t until I sanded it back that the lovely diamond inlay appeared.  Chateau Grey was used for its base and Annie Sloan clear wax applied as the sealer.  The color transformed the table from trash to true treasure. more here!

Paint Color Highlight – A Wash of Annie Sloan Old White

Whitewashed Wood

Amazing what a wash of paint can do!  It is my favorite trick to add a soft finish to enhance a piece and not cover it.  It requires the right wood tone and the right finish.  The wood tone should be one that you want to peek through and the finish needs to be already stripped.  The wash won’t work on a piece with shellac on it or another glossy sealer. more here!

Paint Color Highlight – General Finishes Corinth Blue with Glaze

Last year, I stumbled across a way to create a gorgeous, peacock blue and thought to share it today on the Paint Color Highlight series.

I was experimenting with this little Eastlake dresser and first applied a few coats of General Finishes Corinth Blue milk paint.  The details were highlighted in Martha Stewart Gold and then the Burnt Umber glaze was rubbed all over it.  The glaze toned it down and created a gorgeous peacock blue! more here!

Paint Color Highlight – Annie Sloan Old White, Old Ochre, Provence and Paris Grey

White Desk 2

I happened upon a group of french desks that had originally been in an old hotel that closed.  I grabbed a few and brought them home (smug with happiness).  They were lovely!

Here are the before pics of the shape they were in. I think it is fun to see the different looks paint can create.  In this case, Annie Sloan Old White, Old Ochre, Provence and Paris Grey. more here!

Paint Color Highlight – General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint

I am sharing the furniture makeover that gives you the most bang for your buck.  It requires nothing other than a small tin of General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and a paint brush.  If you take any piece and give it a few coats, it will be transformed!

Lamp Black is a great, deep matte black and is smooth as silk to apply.  It takes two coats to create a fine finish.  I then apply the General Finishes high performance sealer on top.  The sealer typically requires a few coats to create a smooth, durable and streak free finish.  It is well worth the effort! more here!

Paint Color Highlight – General Finishes Basil

Today’s paint color highlight is General Finishes Basil.  I tend to enjoy the color with their Winter White glaze applied on top. It creates a fresh color that is both blue and green in hue. Gorgeous!
I am taking a spring blogging break!  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the warm weather.  I plan on relaxing at home with my kids.  We will be spending a lot of time in downtown DC enjoying the museums and cherry blossoms!  See you on Friday for the Link Party! more here!

Paint Color Highlight – Annie Sloan Antibes and Florence

Annie Sloan Florence antique bed

Two shades of green and so totally different – Annie Sloan Antibes and Florence.  They are both a lot of fun to play with but really give two totally different looks.

I have only used Antibes on a secretary and on the Emerald Dresser.  It is a true pop of green and I feel it lends itself to the farmhouse or fun pieces.  I don’t see it on an elegant french dresser but I may be wrong!  It is really strong and is great to mix into other colors or use as a wash with blue. more here!

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