General Finishes Design Challenge Contest

General Finishes Contest

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  Mine was full of bbq’s and the pool.  My sister came to visit with my niece and nephew and my house was turned into lovely cousin chaos!

Have you heard about the General Finishes Design Challenge Contest?  Exciting news to share!  I will be one of the judges!  You had all start being very nice to me (wink wink)!  It will be a lot of fun to see people’s creative ideas and their work.  I’m really looking forward to it and as it gets nearer, I shall keep you posted on the rules and how you enter.

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Hometalk and My Top Posts

I know you all love DIY and Hometalk is full of it.  You can search by any category – such as “drywall” or “bathroom cabinet” and bingo, a ton of posts will pop up to help you with advice and ideas.  Love it!

Here are my top read Hometalk posts.  I’m sure many of you are already familiar with most but for new readers, you may enjoy a few that are a flash from the past!  I can’t believe that my whitewashed brick and Bassett china cabinet each have 61 thousand views – whew.  Click on the pics below to link to the full posts on Hometalk.

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Favorite Find Monday – Farmhouse Cabinet

Before we get to today’s find, I’m sharing this great graphic that Hometalk will be sharing this week on their newsletter – 20 Gold Decor Accents for Your Home.  I curated the board and shared a few of its features last week.  Hometalk is such a fantastic site!

On to this week’s favorite find!  When you look at the pic, “farmhouse cabinet” is not likely what you see.  However, I think it has the lines and potential to be just that.  This was a Craigslist score 🙂

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A Pop of Gold Decor and Hometalk

My youngest is home sick today and the reveal of the french vanity will have to wait until tomorrow 🙁

Instead, I’ll share a few features from a board I just curated for the DIY/Home Decor site, Hometalk.  The board is called A Pop of Gold Decor and includes projects that add a touch of glam into your home.  Here are few of the fun features…

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Hometalk Feature – A Hot Trend!

I woke up today, checked my email and clicked open my daily Hometalk update.  Wow!  Were those my stenciled walls front and center with “Will THIS Be the Hottest Trend of 2015?” written underneath?

Hot trend and myself don’t typically go hand in hand 🙂  My girls will find it extremely amusing!  What a great way to start the day!  Click here for the post and all the other great content that Hometalk has to share!

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A Pinecone Wreath Plus Hometalk Holiday Crafts

I mentioned yesterday how my girls and I made a pinecone wreath last week.  For the amount of money (less than $10 total), this was a great project.  To get started you will need pinecones, a flat foam wreath shape, glue gun, spray paint, spray snow flocking and ribbon.  We walked up to our local school that is lined with pine trees and gathered our pinecones.  I then baked the cones in the oven on a foil lined baking sheet at 350° for about five minutes to kill any creepy crawlies.  It also melts off the sap so definitely use foil under the cones to prevent sticky sap on your sheet!Take your flat, foam wreath and spray paint it gold, green or any color to your liking.  You could also take ribbon and wrap it around the wreath and adhere the ribbon with glue.  This step is just so you won’t see the white foam peeking through the pinecones when you’re done.

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Hometalk and 20 DIY Vintage-Inspired Projects

I’m not sure if you all know about the fantastic site, Hometalk?  It’s a wonderful place to find ideas and inspiration on a myriad of home inspired topics such as crafts, DIY, gardening, home decor and home improvement.  Do you want to make a wreath, hang a door, paint a room or organize your closet?  This is the place to go!  Readers can browse through the site for ideas or create a profile and post their own projects.  One can also ask a question on just about anything and receive advice and opinions from other readers.

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