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Paint Color Highlight – A Wash of Annie Sloan Old White

Whitewashed Wood

Amazing what a wash of paint can do!  It is my favorite trick to add a soft finish to enhance a piece and not cover it.  It requires the right wood tone and the right finish.  The wood tone should be one that you want to peek through and the finish needs to be already stripped.  The wash won’t work on a piece with shellac on it or another glossy sealer. more here!

A Vintage Record Cabinet Goes Farmhouse Before & After

Duck Egg Blue Cabinet

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who commented yesterday on my rather long “vent” post.  I really cannot express how much it meant to me and how you really gave me a boost when I really needed it.  The fact that you took time out of your day to write me is incredible.  I read each comment carefully and was amazed at what you had to say.  Such fantastic advice, help and inspiration.  Thank you!!! more here!

Favorite Find Monday – Farmhouse Cabinet

Before we get to today’s find, I’m sharing this great graphic that Hometalk will be sharing this week on their newsletter – 20 Gold Decor Accents for Your Home.  I curated the board and shared a few of its features last week.  Hometalk is such a fantastic site!

On to this week’s favorite find!  When you look at the pic, “farmhouse cabinet” is not likely what you see.  However, I think it has the lines and potential to be just that.  This was a Craigslist score 🙂 more here!

A French and Farmhouse Cabinet – Their Chance to Shine

Blue Gray Cabinet

Today’s post is a flash from the past!  I’m sharing two pieces that were both done in the early stages of my business and never really had their chance to shine in the spotlight.  I don’t have the “before” pics of either – sorry!  This was in the beginning days and my blog was just getting off the ground. more here!

The Countdown Continues – Best of 2014

Old Violet

Yesterday, I shared a few of my favorite pieces from 2014 and am continuing the countdown today!

Number 7: The Cottage Cabinet

This cabinet was left in the trash and snow at my friend’s apartment complex.  I brought it home, cleaned and shored it up.  All of the shelves inside were missing and getting new ones made was a little tricky as the cabinet is curved.  I created a template by tracing the top of the cabinet onto cardboard and then cut it down to size until the cardboard fit perfectly inside the cabinet.  I took the template and had the shelves cut at my local glass shop and they fit like a glove.  Here is where the cabinet was found and the after.  A true trash to treasure!  I used General Finishes milk paint in Millstone for a cottage look. more here!

The Farmhouse Cabinet

The farmhouse cabinet is done and I love the transformation.  What a versatile piece!  I can see it in any room of the house.  I am sooooo tempted to keep this one but will have to say goodbye.  Parting is such sweet sorrow 😉

The before…

This piece was refinished in a mixture of Annie Sloan Old White and Louis Blue with General Finishes Seagull Gray added as a top coat.  The after… more here!

Favorite Find Monday

A glorious Monday here in Maryland!  Sun is shining and it’s warm. I also have a fabulous Favorite Find Monday to share!

I went to a thrift store last week that I seldom go to.  Their prices are typically too high for me but every once in a while they will have something that is affordable.  It was my last Friday of freedom before spring break so my mother and I headed out there.  She found this sweet little cabinet and we were thrilled.  It is a gorgeous, old, farmhouse cabinet likely from the 1930’s and in great shape. more here!

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