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Sea Salt Bedroom and Lawyers Bookcase Makeover

Sea Salt Bedroom and Lawyers Bookcase Makeover

I have spent so much time working on my kid’s rooms in the past and have ignored mine for years – until now!  I spent the past week giving it a total makeover and I’m so thrilled with the result!

I wanted to create a more peaceful and serene space.  Part of this was to clean out the room and get rid of a ton of clutter.  That alone felt fantastic!  I then chose a very soothing color palette…


Sherwin Williams Color Palette


Sea Salt: All of the colors above speak to me and I decided on Sea Salt for the walls.  The color is serene, calming and complements my bedroom furniture perfectly.

Mindful Gray and Repose Gray:  I wanted to keep my existing curtains as they are tailor made and lined.  Actually, my mother found these curtains at an estate sale and they ended up being the perfect fit!  They also just happen to be in the same color range as the Mindful and Repose Gray – perfect.

SW Tradewind: My newly thrifted and painted nightstand in General Finishes Persian Blue brought in that shade of calming blue.  I also incorporated the glass cabinet that I found on the side of the road a few weeks ago.  I learned through my viewers that it is actually called a Lawyers Bookcase and I painted it in General Finishes Millstone and the interior back was painted in Persian Blue (again a shout out to a viewer who had that great idea!)  By the way, I was thrilled to find that the top of the bookcase has a working light inside!

Here’s a quick recap on my thrifted finds that I have added into my bedroom.  Each one has a link to its original “Before and After” post with pics.

A Finished Settee Before and Afterthrift store find bench

Persian Blue Nightstand Before and AfterPersian Blue Nightstand

FFM: Glass Cabinetthrift store cabinet makeover

Drab to Fab Farmhouse Chair Makeover drab to fab farmhouse chair makeover

For this bedroom makeover, the following were the only new purchases and the total cost:

One gallon of paint that I had color matched at Home Depot in Behr Premium Plus Ultra for $30.98, a lamp from HomeGoods for $29.99 and a new rug from HomeGoods that was an amazing find!  It was discounted to $130 and I grabbed it.  It was truly my lucky day because the colors and size are perfect and it really pulled the room together!  I also treated myself to the pretty little vase with white hydrangeas (again from HomeGoods) for $14.99.

Here are a ton of pics!

Before:bedrppm before

Here is the room now!master bedroom in sherwin williams sea salt with thrift store findsmaster bedroom in sherwin williams sea saltBedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Bedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea SaltBedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea SaltMaster Bedroom Bedroom in Sea SaltMaster Bedroom in Sherwin Williams Sea SaltMaster Bedroom in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Lawyers Bookcase in General FInishes Millstone and Persian Blue Lawyers Bookcase Reveal Lawyers Bookcase RevealBedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Bedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea SaltBedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Bedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Bedroom Makeover in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

The only thing left is for me to purchase new bedding (I have my eye on Wayfair!) and to frame a few of my kids artwork from school to hang.  It feels so good to wake up in a space that makes me smile!





Carpet Cleaning Outcome – Not Too Bad?

Remember my very sad post where I posted a disgusting picture of my badly stained rug and was begging for help with carpet cleaning suggestions?  Lucky had a stressful time with our foster pups and decided to take out his frustration on the ONLY rug in my house that I actually care about.

I have to thank everyone for your fantastic advice!  You all really helped me and it was so kind of you to take the time!  For those who missed it, here is the rug in its nasty state.

I believe that by initially using Resolve and dish soap (a bad move used in a panic) on the stain, that I actually likely made it worse.  I listened to everyone’s comments and went out to find Folex.  I was uncertain about vinegar because some said to use it and some said not to.  Anyway, my store did not carry Folex or Nature’s Miracle.  I instead purchased Woolite Instaclean.  One of my readers had recommended it and I liked the look of the little scrubbing brush.  Plus, the dog kind of resembles Harper!Woolite InstaClean

I soaked the stain with it and let in sit overnight.  I then soaked it up by pressing down a paper towel onto the wet spot and re-applied.  It has totally dried now and I am pretty happy with the result.  It depends on the light and from some angles the stain looks better than others.  Luckily the rug has a natural nap to it that already creates a lighter and darker look. Woolite InstaClean5Woolite InstaClean5Woolite InstaClean

I do think it can still be improved and I’ll order the Nature’s Miracle or Folex online and try those.  I know that sending it to a cleaner is likely the best option but I just don’t have the time/effort/money to do it right now.  I have since put up a gate so the dogs can no longer go into my living room and wreak havoc or my dining room and leave me a lovely surprise!


Furniture Flipping Recap

A few words regarding a post that I have since taken down, “Has Furniture Flipping Flopped?”  In the post, I wrote how I believe there are instances when furniture is not enhanced with paint and should be left to age gracefully.  My opinion.  I happen to like a room that incorporates both painted and natural wood.  I was in no way arrogantly telling everyone that I am the only one who knows what furniture to paint and in what style to paint it.  I think that gorgeous wood grain is pretty obvious to anyone. There is so much ordinary old furniture to flip out there that the lovely old pieces with a history still to be told should not be painted over.  I wrote in the post, “You are killing my business.” Meaning, killing the integrity of my business.  Yes, this was harsh and maybe over the top but I do adore and respect my old furniture.

If a customer brings me their grandmother’s antique bureau to paint white, well hey, I will paint it white and it will look wonderful.  If you pay me, I will paint your grandmother white.  However, this post was in regard to flipping furniture.  This is furniture that is purchased to paint and sell – to flip.  Not custom work.  There is a big difference.

Below is my Hungarian Chest (full post HERE on this find), purchased from a thrift store.  Although I’m sure it would look fantastic painted, I am leaving it alone.  I obviously love how paint breathes new life into old pieces but I also believe that not all old pieces warrant it.  This in no way means that I do not appreciate the beauty of a painted piece of furniture.  There is room for both.

The Hungarian Chest – My Home

I removed the post because there is already so much negativity in this world that I honestly couldn’t take any more.  It is everywhere and I don’t want my blog to add to it.  Peace, y’all.

Favorite Find Monday: Glass Cabinet

Off to this week’s Favorite Find – a great glass cabinet curbside find!  There was a huge yard sale in my neighborhood today.  I wasn’t able to get out early and by the time we drove around, it was almost over.  I found this piece by the curb.  It hadn’t sold and the owner left it for free to anyone who drove by.  Into the van it went!  It is in bad condition but nothing that can’t be fixed.  Some glue and sandpaper should do the trick.  The case comes apart in sections which makes it easy to transport.  Score!

I’m thinking General Finishes Millstone, as in the Cottage Cabinet I finished years ago.

Millstone Cottage Cabinet

Millstone Cottage Cabinet

I will keep you posted 🙂

Help Me! Assistance Needed!

Help!  As you may know, we are fostering puppies.  Well, it has been two weeks and still no end in sight.  We love the pups but our schnauzer, Lucky does not.  He is really stressed and stays in another room when the pups are out playing.  Yesterday, I left the pups in their crates and went out to run a few errands.  When I came home, the smell in the house was overpowering.  I assumed it was the puppies and that one had had an accident in their shared crate.  Well, it wasn’t the puppies or Harper.  It was Lucky,.  He had gone into my newly decorated dining room – the one room in my house that is actually all done and that I love – and messed all over my new rug.  Yes, my only rug in the entire house that I actually care about.  He is unhappy and stressed out and that morning he must not have gone out as we were so busy watching the puppies and we lost track of when the other two had been let outside.

I’ve put Resolve on the stain and even dish soap and tried to clean it but it still looks like this.  I apologize for the super gross photo.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the stain out?  I need help and am so upset!

FFM: Vanity with Mirror and a Puppy Update

What a weekend!  We spent all day Saturday at my niece’s graduation from Mary Washington University in Virginia.  We then scooted over to Dulles Airport to pick up our foster pups!  It was an exhausting day!  foster pups

We got the girls home (we call them the “Chicas” lol) and they immediately went crazy. They had been kept in a crate all day and needed to run.  They ran around like mad and ate dinner.  We then had to bathe them as they stank from being in a crate for hours.  We took them upstairs to the kid’s bathroom and proceeded to scrub each one.  They escaped soaking wet and ran around the bedrooms until we could get them back into the kitchen.  We put up a gate and they immediately jumped over it.  We had to literally barricade the doorway with pieces of plywood to keep them in!  Lucky and Harper were totally taken aback by all of this activity and were wondering what had hit them and, quite frankly, so was I!

The dogs are now doing really well.  They settled in and realize that food is plenty and pretty much on demand.  They sleep together in their crate and all four dogs are playing very well with each other in the back.  They are friendly and fun and just really great pups!

It is also baseball/softball playoffs for high school ball so the past week and this week coming up are busy.  Sophie is participating in the National Philharmonic Carmina Burana at Strathmore on Saturday evening and has rehearsals leading up to it.  She auditioned months ago and made it into the chorus and we are so proud!

Whew!  Now, on to this week’s Favorite Find…

Whenever I can find a few minutes to spare in the craziness that is my life, I shall transform this great vanity with Annie Sloan Paris Grey!  It has a large mirror that attaches and I know it will be gorgeous when done.  It is part of the lovely bedroom set that I have been working on for a client.  I hope to get to work on it soon!


And They Call It Puppy Love…

You all know that we adopted Harper last summer.  We used a rescue called PetConnect that is located in Potomac, MD, not far from us.
Harper the Jackabee

Harper joined our sweet 9 year old schnauzer, Lucky.

And they soon became best buds!Harper and Lucky

We are ready to pay back the kindness and are now officially fosters for PetConnect!  Our first foster pups arrive this Saturday from Puerto Rico!  We pick them up on Saturday from the airport.  They are 10 week old lab/hound mixes and were found in the streets of Puerto Rico.  We were sent this pic of the pair (so sweet!)  I’ll take them to the vet and they will get healthy and happy!  We will be their home until they find their “furever” homes!

Four dogs in one home!  Yes, we are crazy!!!  You can find more about PetConnect HERE and their Facebook Page is HERE!

Show Some Pinterest Love! A Collaborative Board

Happy Friday, everyone!  A quick, end of week post to ask you to pretty please follow me on Pinterest!

Pinterest Suzanne Bagheri Pinterest


I have many Boards that may interest you.  Here is a sampling…Pinterest Boards Pinterest Boards

I am about to start a new board where people can ask to join in and pin onto it.  It will be a collaborative board where we can all pin away!  Shall it be on painted furniture?  Any other suggestions?

Have a great weekend!


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