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Foyer Poised Taupe

It’s amazing how new little touches can brighten up a space and make you smile!  I’ve added a few new pieces into my home that are both new (HomeGoods) and from the thrift store.

The newer pieces are a bright blue painting in my foyer (painted in Poised Taupe link HERE), plus some new picture frames.  I am enjoying the darker color in the foyer as colors really pop and I wanted a more modern and bright picture for the wall above the Hungarian Chest.  The blue works perfectly and at only $39.00, not a bad deal!  The picture frames were $5.99 each and perfect for my family photos. more here!

American Farmhouse Style Magazine Ad!

American Farmhouse Magazine

American Farmhouse Style magazine contacted me and asked if I would like to advertise in their magazine.  They think my site is a good fit for their readers and I must agree!  I took the plunge and decided to go for it but I had no idea how to creat an ad!  This is where having kids who take Web Design in high school really comes in handy 😊  Ella created this ad for me and I am so proud of her!  I sent it in last week and it will be published in their spring edition. more here!

I Didn’t See It Coming

I don’t have a fun Favorite Find Monday to share with you all today.  I was in a car accident on Saturday and it has really shaken me up.

I decided to take two of my kids to a local spot to see the changing leaves and go for a hike.  My other child, Ella was with her dad at a softball tournament.  I spent the morning painting my upper kitchen cabinets (more of that to come) and then we headed out to Sugarloaf Mountain. more here!

Craigslist and Karma

Vintage Vanity

I’m sorry that I don’t have a Tell Us Tuesday to share with you this week.  I’m waiting on a few submissions to make their way through the pipeline.

Instead, I’m going to share with you a little story about Craigslist and Karma.  Do you remember this vintage desk that I finished a few months ago? more here!

Clutter and Sparking Joy


I’m trying to declutter as it was beginning to look a little hoarderish in my house!  I ended up taking quite a bit to Goodwill.  I know that I paint furniture and resell it but the pieces that I donated were not really worth my time to paint.  Frankly, I just wanted them out.  I got into my “get rid of it” kick and so out they went.  We also cleaned out our closets.  This alone made a huge difference.  I kept asking the kids, “Does this spark joy?” until they screamed (for those who don’t know the expression, it is from a hugely popular book all about decluttering by a Japanese author, Marie Kondo). more here!

Bots, Malware and Other Things I Don’t Understand

Mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blues by The Painted Drawer

My website was compromised and shut down yesterday.  Apparently, it was hacked.  After spending hours on the phone with my web host and with my husband’s help, it finally was back up and running late this morning.  It had to do with words such as bots and malware and blocked IP addresses and honestly, they may as well have been speaking Chinese for all I understood it.  And, I come to my point.  This blogging thing is sometimes really hard.  I have spent countless hours researching how to do the simplest task that would honestly take another person about 10 minutes.  I strongly suggest that if you plan on starting your own site, that you get professional help to get it going.  I have done mine completely solo and I know that I have made many mistakes along the way.  Mistakes that have cost me time, followers, and revenue. I  mean, if I had known anything about SEO when I began my blog 4 years ago, I likely would be doing a lot better!  Trial and error is how I built this blog but there is an easier way.  So, heed my advice and shell out some money and do it right the first time.  Long story short, I bought a Site Protection plan and it cleaned up my site.  But wow, what a (stressful) process! more here!

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