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FFM: Gorgeous Vintage Bow Front Dresser

Bowfront dresser

I picked this dresser up yesterday and I’m thrilled with it.  It is in very bad shape with a lot of damage to the surface but the actual bones of the piece are in excellent shape.  Solid wood with dovetailed construction and beautiful original hardware.  The front is bowed and has lovely detail.  Such a pretty piece! I also picked up a console table in pieces and two outdoor furniture lounge chair cushions.  A good day!

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FFM: Crackle Finish Dresser


I found this really pretty dresser last week.  It has an odd original finish that is basically a yellow crackle finish.  I’m going to use the existing texture and see what happens.  The piece has great detail and is in excellent shape.  The drawers are keyhole and incredibly it actually has the key taped inside the top drawer.  I know this one will be a stunner!

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FFM: Farmhouse Dresser

farmhouse dresser

Today’s Favorite Find Monday is a bare bones, straight lined farmhouse dresser. It’s width is very deep, which makes for great storage. The piece is solid wood – each drawer weighs a ton!  The top two drawers have a keyhole and all of the drawers open and close easily.  Holes were drilled into the top where its mirror once stood but other than that, it just has the typical wear and tear.

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FFM Flashback – Annie Sloan Coco Table

Annie Sloan Coco Table

I don’t have a new Favorite Find Monday to share today!  It has been crazy here with end of the season activities, etc. and I wasn’t able to get out.  Instead I will share one of my favorite Favorite Find Mondays from the past – the Annie Sloan Coco Table!

I found it and fell in love.  However, it was missing a leaf. With a lot of glue, wood filler and sandpaper, I was able to completely erase the dividing line in the middle of the table.  It looked like it had never had a leaf.  I used Annie Sloan Coco chalk paint and clear wax and wowza – it really was a beauty.CONTINUE READING

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FFM – Dixie Hepplewhite Dresser

Hepplewhite Dresser

You all may have noticed the Dixie Hepplewhite Dresser hiding in the background of the pic I shared in last week’s post, My Thrift Store Haul.  I was SO excited to find it.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I love Dixie furniture as it is always so well made.  This has the standard dovetailed drawers, lovely lines and those vintage Hepplewhite pulls.  Unfortunately, a few of them are missing their actual pull piece that attach to the base.  I think that I will remove them all and re-drill holes for new pulls to give the piece a totally different look.  It is a lot more work but likely is what I will do.

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FFM – Vintage Rush Seat Large Rocker

Rush Seat rocking chair

I have a lovely favorite find Monday to share today.  I have been very busy helping Joyce out with her Duncan Phyfe dining table and she had this great rush seat and back rocker.  She has no space for it at her new house so I jumped at the opportunity because I just, well, love it!  In my mind, it really belongs on a large front porch of a gorgeous old house.  I would sit on it and sip my lemonade.  In reality, I don’t have the perfect space for it. I have been told that it should not be left outdoors as it will ruin but for now, it is on my back patio looking lovely.  I will keep it there for the summer and throw a cover over it during rainy days.  It needs to be cleaned and another coat of paint applied. I wonder if there is a water resistant sealer that I can use on it?  I shall research it.  In the meantime, here it is!CONTINUE READING

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