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Whitewashed Farmhouse Table Before and After

Whitewashed Farmhouse Table

I believe you remember the farmhouse table that was my favorite find a few weeks ago?

After a failed attempt at removing the shellac, I tried again, and again, and – well, you get the idea.  It was a time consuming process.  For the leaves, I used a tip from a reader and wrapped a plastic bag around them after applying the Citristrip in order to keep the product wet and not let it dry out. Honestly, it didn’t help all that much.  The shellac came off but again it took a few applications.  This tabletop has been a ton of work, folks. more here!

Brooklyn Carriage House #3 and Farmhouse Table Update

Brooklyn Carriage House

Here is a very short update on the Brooklyn Carriage House.  The permits are approved, the contractor has been hired and the plans are almost ready to be shared.  The first step in the construction is the removal of any asbestos. The roof, windows and old linoleum flooring were removed.  Now they can really start the renovation process which is so exciting! more here!

FFM: Is It a Farmhouse Bench or Vintage Chest?

Farmhouse Bench

Favorite Find Monday: Bench or Chest?

I have spent the past month helping a neighbor, Karen.  She is downsizing from a large family home to a smaller apartment.  It is a huge move and has been an epic amount of work for her and her family.  She was looking for bedroom furniture to fit into her new apartment and purchased both the Aubusson Armoire and Aubusson Table and I’m happy that she is thrilled with them. more here!

FFM – Mid-Century Modern Round Table

sand and restore a mid-century modern table

This week’s FFM (Favorite Find Monday) is a little mid-century modern table that I purchased for $12.99.  I just love its classic mcm shape and legs.  The feet have all tarnished to a dirty green color but I’ll clean them up.  I can see this beauty in a fun, eclectic space and am looking forward to transforming it soon!  I’ve noticed that the top looks pretty interesting.  It should be fun to sand it down and see what lies beneath the grime and the damage!  I see a ton of potential in this one.CONTINUE READING more here!

A True Farmhouse Dresser and Drop Leaf Table

Farmhouse Dresser, Empire style chest of drawers

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time at Joyce’s house.  We are in the midst of transforming some of her favorite pieces to feel totally in place at her new home on the eastern shore.  Joyce has accrued some fantastic pieces from her time living in Maine to her life here in Maryland.  She also had many left to her by her mother, who used to love to scour the flea markets and antique houses for great finds.  You all remember the Deacon’s Bench?  Or yesterday’s FFM, the Rush Seat Rocker?  Both are from Joyce 🙂 more here!

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